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Reducing maintenance costs…

… Optimizing the avalaibility of your production tools !


The optimization of industrial maintenance is a major challenge for industry and proves to be a necessary investment to ensure the optimal use of means of production. CL2R Industrial Solutions supports its customers in the approach of production tools optimizationto establish an appropriate maintenance policy to reduce the costs generated by wear, breakdowns or degradation of industrial machineries.

From consulting to the execution of maintenance works, CL2R Industrial Solutions offers a complete range of services :

• Drafting of the technical documentation

• Simulation and definition of maintenance plan 

• Implementation of CMMS 

• Preparation, planning & scheduling of maintenance works 

• Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

Analysis and management of failure registry

• Study of the reliability (frequentist & bayesian statistics)

• Analysis of Common Causes Failures (CCF)

• Management of industrial risk (APR, FMECA, HAZOP, ...)

Audit of maintenance services

• Outsourcing of functions and services

• Optimization of maintenance contract 

• Training of maintenance staff

• Budget management

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